Friday, 9 December 2016

Seven Absolutely Essential Tools For Front End Developers

There has been a great improvement in the kind of web development tools that are available to
front end developers these days. These are well-tested frameworks and libraries that improve workflows as well as the quality of your deliverable. These tools also present a wide range of opportunities for responsive designing like advanced plugins, code-streamlining processes, browser add-ons, etc. However, the large number of these tools can make it complicated for a front end web developer website to select the best ones. Here is a shortlist of the tools that you will love.

1. Sublime Text :

Here’s a well-designed, extremely efficient, and agile code editor that will make your life simple. Apart from its comprehensive range of features functions, it also provides a myriad of keyboard shortcuts. This means that you can now simultaneously edit your code or quickly navigate to files, lines, and symbols. If you are spending a large amount of time with your editor, this will certainly lead to time saving.

2. Twitter Bootstrap : 

This is one of the most widely used user-interface frameworks. If you are a UI developer and designer, you will be impressed by Bootstrap’s extensive UI package. It has been developed by Twitter’s team. As a user interface developers, you need to perform various critical tasks. Bootstrap helps you with modal object building, stylesheet normalizing, adding Javascript plugins, and more.

3. Chrome Developer Tools : 

This platform can help front end developers with editing their HTML as well as CSS in real-time. It can also be used to debug Javascript. In addition to that, it also lets you have a glance of your website’s performance. This tool is bundled as well as available with Chrome and Safari.

4. GitHub :

There are multiple changes that you make to your application. However, not all of those changes come out smoothly. There are some that you would like to get rid of. That’s what GitHub allows you to do. It lets you view any changes that you have made. Plus, you can even go back to your previous state. In other words, this is a repository hosting platform that can be used for tasks like bug tracking, wikis, managing tasks, and requesting features.

5. JQuery :

Here is a Javascript library that is extremely fast and has a small footprint. In addition to that, it also presents cross platform functionalities. There are many functions that are usually left upto the developers to figure-out. JQuery lets you abstract those functions, and hence saves you times. Moreover, there is a large scope for developing animations, navigating through documents, or just adding new plug-ins. 

6. AngularJs :

This is an open source web app framework that is developed by Google. It helps you present dynamic views with HTML. In other words, you can extend your application’s HTML syntax to make is more readable, expressive, and a better environment for development.

7. SASS :

This is a very popular open-source platform that has literally defined the genre of modern CSS pre-processors. When used, this platform can render lucid CSS. This will make your style sheets more readable. Moreover, you wouldn’t be required to repeat your codes. These tools shall help you in ensuring that your front end development project is completed with finesse and aplomb.


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